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  • My fault?

    Startet av Isbjørn02  2 år siden

    Hi, I’m from Poland and can’t Norwegian, so I will turn into English. Ok, I have fight a bit whit one of my friends in Poland. And she often say to me “how is it in Norway?”, “tell me everything about Norway” and things like that. And I said “Norway is so beautiful and amazing”. She think that I try to say that Poland not is so good, but that’s not true. She started say “fuck you” or “you stupid idiot”. I (like most others) don’t like it, and fire back. So now she really hates me! And I try to say sorry, many times. But then she always says “I never ever want to be your friend” and I wonder, is that my fault?

  • Jenta07 2 år siden #1

    Okay, I’m NOT good in english so I’m so Sorry if I write very feil...😂 Try to speaker with Your «friend». Just say at you don’t mean Norway is better than Poland. I have never bean in Poland so I can’t say «that’s much better» or something😉 I hope you have a Nice day!! Break a leg!°•••••••••••••°•••••••••••••°••••••••••••••°••••••••
    To norwegian people:
    Sorry hvis jeg skrev veldig mye feil!! Håper dere forsto hva jeg mente😂😊😉 Ha en fin høstferie til dere som har det, ellers god helg!💙

  • Isbjørn02 2 år siden #2

    Answer to Jenta07
    It’s ok, I understood what you mean. But one thing that was very funny was when you write “bean” I understood you mean “I never been to Poland”, but actually “bean” means “bønne”, I don’t know if I write it right (I use google translate).😂😂😂
    So funny😄 you made me really laugh when I found out what “bean” really means😂
    Lol! Have a nice day💛💚💙

  • Jenta07 2 år siden #3

    Sorry🤦‍♀️😂 You have right!😂

  • sunniva738 2 år siden #4

    Hi, that is not your fault. If she really was your friend from the start she wouldnt be mad for something like that so easy. It could also seem like she miss you in the way she answer. So you havent done anything wrong:)