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    Startet av Jente.13  2 år siden

    Hi! I moved to norway when i was 3. And i just prefer using english. But feel free to answer on norwegian :)
    I just need help.. kinda fast. You see. I used to have a lot of friends, and have fun all the time, i used to be that girl who always laught. But now i just spend all day in bed and wach stupid Netflix shows. I have not had a real night sleep in 5 weeks, and i have no friends, i dont go to school, cus i just cant handle beeing alone anymore. People Ask me what happend.. but i dont know what to answer, cus i dont know. Please help me.. i need a friend. Some shoulder to cry on. I just need someone who cares

  • Treplanke 2 år siden #1

    I used to have many friends and hang out, but in 5th grade, I got a brain injury and lost all my friends. This went on trough 6th and 7th grade, but in August I found out that I had enough. So yes, I switched school. And I get treaded by classmates and teachers, I have never felt that I belong so much one place. Even though it’s better, I still feel lonely sometimes. Like, watching classmates Snapchat story and see that they’re having fun with friends, I wish that was me. But I can’t blame them, not my teachers and not me. The situation has been so and I was aware of that all the way, but I have to keep trying. You do so. And if it’s keeps being like this, talk to a teacher or your parents. And if that doesn’t, you must think alternatively.
    Good luck, wish you all the best💜