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  • Story of a little girl

    Startet av BambiB  ett år siden

    Have you heard the story of a little girl
    6 or 7 she wanted to rule to world
    Dreaming about princesses, dragons and magic
    Looking at it now it seems kind of tragic
    As she grew older her dreams became realer
    At 9 a vet and at 12 a teacher
    Skip forward to high school, stress and pressure
    Is life worth living, she wasn’t sure
    You see, shit happened as it usually do
    No it’s nothing simple like the flu
    Medicine can’t cure this, it’s not that easy
    She wished for a savior, I know it sounds cheesy
    But she needed help to get back on her feet
    So she wouldn’t end up six feet deep
    She didn’t wanna die, she was not broken just bend
    She only wished that the life she lived would end

  • pidgeoo ett år siden #1

    Jeg føler det litt på samme måte