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    Startet av TryWhyCryDie  10 måneder siden

    Hi! I'm positive!
    Smiles on smiles, no negative
    Laughing at the silly joke
    I kept silent as you spoke

    High self esteem, I am myself
    I do my sport to keep my healt
    I cut my hair and gave it away
    Always I have the time to play!

    You laughed behind my back because I was childish, so what?
    Even if it hurt a little, I could live with that
    But saying that dumb people like me deserve to die?
    "She is so irritating, look at her dumb smile"

    Did you know that I laugh because I try not to cry?
    That I'm childish to forget, that the world is a big lie?
    I smile to cheer up all those, who like me want to die?
    No you don't know, and you never asked yourself why.

    In the distance a voice is yelling: "It's the girl with her hair cut!"
    Mentally I add: "Yeah, the one with her mouth shut
    The one whose scars and pain you couldn't see
    Until her neck was broken, hanging in this tree

    And as I'm rocking back and forth in the wind,
    Think about all the tings you thought I didn't know you said
    And feel the guilt of having misjudged me
    Because I'm not the silly happy girl you thought I'd be

    But, hi! I'm positive!
    Smiles on smiles, no negative
    Inside my mind the message is clear:
    Don't be judging, make no life disapear...

  • EnAnonymJente 6 måneder siden #1

    Det rørte meg..

  • DetteRmeg 4 måneder siden #2

    Jeg gråter..