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    Startet av yoboii  ett år siden

    i'm really bad with words.
    i read books, lyrics and poetry but i still can't express what i want to say.
    the first time we meet i instantly knew we were meant to be.
    all it took was the sound of your voice, the small vibrations going through the air to light up my day.
    but it's too complicated, it's like the world can't handle our love.
    from different countries we connect, and it scares everyone around us.
    we are strong, and beautiful but so broken together.
    i know there can be nothing more and it hurts like hell because i know i need to let go,
    but i can't because i still want the impossible to happen.
    help me let this thing go......

  • Jente07 ett år siden #1

    Sorry, but I’m so good to read english...<3

  • Jenta05 ett år siden #2

    No, you're good!
    This poem is full of words and it's beautiful!!
    ~your girl 05